What if you aren't an interesting person?

What if you aren't an interesting person? The only interesting things about me are that I play the violin (which I feel as though I'm not that good at, but my teacher thinks I'm really good at. And girls my age don't really think of that as interesting), I take a Spanish IV class (not really fluent in Spanish but I've taken Spanish classes for four years now), and that I was born with a sixth finger on both of my hands (that's kind of a gross fact. I don't want my future date to be disgusted by me lol). And that's it. There are tons of guys out there who do a lot more stuff than me and I don't have that much interesting stuff to bring to the table. What should I do?


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  • Based on the things you shared you have a couple of interests. There are people who have it worst than you haha.
    But if you still think you want to be a more interesting person, you should start reading more or getting involved in other activities as well :p.


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  • You are what you think.
    So stop thinking you're not interesting, and "be" interesting.

    Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside
    is what you will manifest on the outside.

    Deep down, you already know this.

  • you are from white race
    have trust in you

    • But I'm not white. I'm mixed

    • that's why you don't trust yourself
      one of your parents betrayed white race
      now I got it

    • So you are saying in order to attract girls you have to be white?