Getting weirded out by my boyfriends ex?

My boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years.

So about 3 months ago my boyfriend and i went fb official again. This girl commented "Again?" On it. I thought that was rude so i asked my boyfriend who she was.

He said "Oh thats my ex, she calls me at like 3 am sometimes but i never answer because i assume she's drunk."

About a year ago she reached out to my boyfriend because she was having a hard time (she has a history with drinking) so he gave her his number. But when he said he had a girlfriend she got weird so he faded out.

Fast forward to now, i have this chrome extension that tells you who goes on your facebook profile, i downloaded it a long time ago when i used to care about shit like that.

I went on it for the first time in forever and she was the person that has been looking at my profile the most. That made my stomache sink because... why?

Then i was like maybe she's only gone on my profile a couple times and no one else goes on there, so i asked my friend to go on my profile and refresh a few times.

They went from 10th on the list to 2nd. I asked how many times they refreshed and they said "20".

So she's on a my profile quite a bit...

I went on her profile to see what was up and i saw picture i've seen on tumblr a lot. A hot girl with a helmet on a motocycle.

she's was saying it was her.

I looked it up and the pic is of a Romanian model named Roxana Van-something.

This just makes his ex seem kind of off..

I know she wasent handling things the best way but she's really creeping me out..

Should i tell my boyfriend?


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  • Tell him you're getting weirded out

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