Shy or uninterested?

I had a first date with a guy (4 days ago). We were texting about 2 weeks before, and in person I felt that we really hit it off. Warm eye contact, constant conversation. I am normally a bit more confident in front of guys, and I feel like he made me nervous and I wasn't as obvious about my feelings as I normally am. For that reason, I felt like I accidentally shut down some of his advances. He asked if I wanted to go anywhere else, and I'm not sure if he meant within the location we were in or somewhere else to contine the date. I saw him apply chapstick out of the corner of my eye as we were walking out but he did not try to kiss me after our goodbye hug. We had a lingering goodbye, like we didn't really want to leave, but I got a bit nervous and maybe he took it as disinterest as I turned to go to the car first after we said goodbye, and I thought I saw him look after me as we went our separate ways. The only time I've had to initiate contact, he did not make me wait for a reply, so I don't think he wants to play games. That's why it's confusing to me that after I texted him I got home safe (as per his request) and a quick convo the night of, I haven't heard anything else. He previously admitted that he didn't think I liked him very much. Should I reach out? Should I take this as disinterest, since everything I know means if he knows how to get ahold of you and doesn't, he doesn't want to?

**Edit: there was no other physical contact during the date, but no problem walking and standing close. He initiated the asking of the first date and the hug, I initiated the first "greeting" hug cause I like to break the touch barrier right away.


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  • reach out to him!

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