Guys, after a very positive first date why would a guy continue to like all my pictures on social media but never respond back to my messages?

I went out with this guy a few months back everything went great. At the end of night he droped me off kissed me twice. I know sometimes kissing isn't that big of a deal but when someone puls you back for a second go I'd think that screams interested. He also made sure i got in ok. A few days passed i didn't get a call or a messge so i semt him a nice thankyou text which i got nothing in return to yet he still continued to like all my posts via social media? So i waited 2 more weeks asking if he was up to hangout again and again he never responded yet still likes my posts? Im sorry but whats the point why is he not responding yet liking all my shit?
P. s to this day he's still liking all my pictures.

he's dumb


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  • maybe he's nervous or confused

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