Is my ex using me?

I broke up with her but we are dating again, I'm up front about not wanting commitment and not sure when will I be ready. I don't want to hold her back in case if she meets somoene who is ready, so I let her know she is allowed to date others. She asked me why? then she asked if I'm seeing others I said no but I'm open for it, and I will be upfront I'm only there for a few dates.

She didn't object to it She simply said you can't be with anyone until you sort out your commitment issue. I agree and told her if I was ready she will be the one I'm committed to.

Honestly no girls can really be ok to keep going in situation like this if she has real feelings for me. I stated to suspect she is in it becuase I still take her out on dates like a real boyfriend, she probably like my help around the house too. Along with the freedom I gave her to date other guys? Don't think she is seeing anyone now though..


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  • As long as you're clear that you're not wanting a commitment, whether or not she sticks around is up to her. She's a grown woman.

    Just make sure you're being perfectly clear.

    • I do have feelings for her, but I'm really not ready, that's why I'm still dating her. I just don't want the relationship title. I feel like instead of feeling sad she is happy about it and probably is looking for others

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    • MHO was Not chose for Girls.. Why is this Question Closed?
      She too may Not be up Now either for a strings attached so enjoy your own freedom,,, you initiated this first, now she is going along with the ride and may or may not be enjoying herself. xx

    • @paris13 I didn't close the question. They new system has limited spots for comment now.

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  • She sounds like she still has feelings for you.. And whats this I hear
    " I still take her out on dates like a real boyfriend, she probably like my help around the house too"

    Sounds like you two aren't really over. I mean, thats how any other girl who is interested in you would see it.

    I dont think your ex is using you tho, she seems as tho she can't let go.

    • I can't let go of her and I do have feelings for her. I"m just not sure if this will work in long term. I know she really wants a commitment but I'm not ready for that. That's why I suggested she can date others as I don't want her to miss out on anything.

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    • I really love her company

    • That's what guys all say oh I love her compnay and i can't let hger go, but I made it clear! there's no such thing. guys just want to have their cake and eat it

  • Your ex isn't using you. The poor girl is in love with you and hopes you'll change and want to be with her.

    • She didn't say "no I won't date other guys" I can't tell she is in love

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    • We still make out in public or in private. I don't do this to my friends

    • Well of course do you hear yourself why would she committ if you aren't.

  • Don't agree with it. I hate the head games if you aren't ready for a committed relationship don't act like it. You are playing with her feelings even if you told her she is able to date others. She obviously wants to be with you and you won't commit.

    • He knows he is in a relationship. I don't understand this commitment dodging business. What good does it do for you?

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    • Neither are right and. being up front doesn't make it any easier!!!

    • It's hard for sure

  • You made your bed, not sleep in it. If you didn't want her to date around you shouldn't have told her so. You are simply playing mind games with her. Now you realize the offer you made might not be the best deal for you and you put the responsibility on her for "using you"

    • *now sleeping in it.

    • How am I using her? I'm spending time and money on her, I'm not sleeping with her. I even give her the freedom to date because I don't want to hold her back!

    • You are spending a little bit of time and Money to keep her heart on hold. If there's a user it's you not her

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