Is this relationship stupid?

This guy and i have known each other for about 2 years now, we met through friends and since he first saw me he was in love but i wasn't. Ever since then he has tried to get me to be his girlfriend, 2 weeks ago i said yes when he asked me if we could date. Problem is, we live far apart. Like 600km+ apart, we talk a lot on the phone tho and he is moving closer to me next year, I'm trying to convince my parents to let me go visit him in school holidays but they're tough to convince. I tell him when I'm sad and he tries to cheer me up so it's not like those long distance r. ships where they complain at their friends that the other one doesn't care and i try to "share" what's going on in my life with him, he's a little closed down about his tho. And I'm well known for pushing people away. Is this relationship stupid to u guys? And if it's not how do i make it last till next year?


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  • No, your relationship is not stupid.
    However, I have to warn you that a LDR is very hard to maintain.


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  • LDRs are tough and especially all the cute guys trying to hit you up makes it tougher when you need someone to cozy up during those cold nights.

    Constant communication is needed to make it through the day.

    Personally, I don't like the idea of LDRs. I wouldn't blame you either if you happened to change your mind and call the whole thing off until he does relocate nearby.

    • I can cope with that, but when he is busy and we can't talk then hearing how much fun he had makes me upset which is stupid. That's the hardest, i have no desire to be with any other guy

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