Is sickness a good test for how much a man cares for his woman?

I was just thinking if a man's behavior when his girlfriend is sick is a deal breaker when it comes to relationships.

I am sick and he has been busy with work- this is what he said. He texted me on learning about my sickness yesterday and asked me if I need anything, and also said he is there gor me whenever I need him.

I am not clingy, but I was expecting him to show up or so, because he knows I live alone away from my family.

Today he hasn't called or texted.

Otherwise, he takes care of me. So I was surprised of his cool attitude.

Does this mean he doesn't really care and I should break up with him?


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  • You're joking about the whole break up, right?
    He contacted you the minute he found out that you were sick and you mentioned that he's been busy at work and if you need anything to let him know.

    Dude the message is clear cut. If you want him there then call him. He'll be there. That sickness sure is clouding your better judgement.

    Don't be doubting your relationship just because you end up getting sick and far from home while he got caught up at work.

    • Yeah you're right. I don't know what I was thinking.

    • Thanks! 😊

      Hope you called your lover to tend after your needs. 😄

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  • u really gonna break up w/ someone over one day of not calling?


  • Maybe he is just very busy and can't come over.


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  • No? This is a stupid "test". When I'm sick I'm expected to rest and focus on getting better, not worry about text messages. He also made the offer to help if you needed it. You never said you did.

  • Since my open heart surgery last year.. No woman could ever have a more caring, kind, considerate and understanding husband than I have.. He has literally taken over doing absolutely everything around the home, as well as all the attention that I need on a day to day basis.. I am just so very well blessed in having him in my life.