Thoughts on a guy like me?

So I am a 27 year old guy who never has had a girlfriend, never had sex, no HJ or BJ, kiss. Hell I haven't even gotten a hug in over 15 years. I don't really have many female friends, mostly only ones I have are friend's girlfriends or girls from school. I'm not much of a people person and have a hard time really meeting new people and opening up to them. The few times I have actually liked a girl they have never liked me back. I'm not a good looking guy but wouldn't say completely ugly either, I'm in good shape and stuff. I'm at the point where I pretty much have given up on women all together. My birthday is near the start of fall, and I keep telling myself that if I don't at least get a hug or a kiss by then it's just as well I kill myself since that is just pitiful. Just as well join the 27 club right. Besides if nothing has happened by now it's not going to happen right. So what do you think of someone like me, pitiful right? Do you think there is anything I can do between now and then that could help? And don't give me 'see a hooker' since I rather keep my pride and self respect, or the 'don't kill yourself ' since I have already decided that is my plan B for this problem if it isn't solved in the time at hand. Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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  • The few female friends you do have are going to be your savior.

    Have you ever tried opening up to them? If they are good women they can really help you in terms of how to build attraction, value and overall helping your success in finding a better happier you which will in turn yield more prospects with women depo.

    I do feel a positive energy in you regardless of your demeanor that you are currently projecting.

    What makes you happy?
    What drives you and what are your goals?
    Who around you do you enjoy hanging out with?

    I know these question seem silly but they are what matters in life. At least you do have female friends, they are very important. I'd consider opening up to them... you;ll find women are very helpful if you can build trust with them.