New guy I'm seeing has gone away for a few weeks and I need advice?

So there's this guy i started seeing around a month and a half back, and things have been awesome. It started off as just a hook up but we both started actually liking each other, so we'd see each other every other day, I met his friends and he met mine and stuff. We have that sort of play fighting thing where we argue playfully as we both always have something to say. Basically, we're on both on the same wavelength, but it doesn't get dull because he always challenges me, which is great and rare for me.
He left a week back and he's going to be away for a few more weeks, and we've kept in touch over the phone even though we aren't exclusive or anything.. We still talk for hours and everything, but I don't do too well with distance and as I'm getting more serious about my last semester of college, I don't really want to be waiting by my phone all the time (it's a different thing when he's actually in town, since we would see each other). I've been in an awful mood lately and I've been snapping a lot at him. As I said, I don't work well with distance because I've had a horrible horrible experience, even though this is just a month. Still, it's too early for me to be able to understand how to deal with him since I've known him for such a small amount of time. I don't know if it's my mood or whatever, but all the stuff I found challenging and exciting while he was here, like him contradicting everything I said or mocking me as a joke, is just annoying right now. So, what should I do?
I honestly thought we'd be keeping talking to a minimum since that's what I thought he implied before leaving, and i was okay with that. Sort of like us checking in on each other once a day and he gets on with his life and I mine. But over the past week that he's been gone, we've been texting through the day and he's been calling 2-3 times, and our conversation is over an hour each time.


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  • so the issue here is that you didn't expect to be communicating with each other for a very long time but that is what is actually happening, and you tend to find yourself lashing out at him from time to time because of the distance?

    if you think he's being rude then keep the communication to a minimal.

  • During conversations with him, remind him of your busy schedule and of any gaps that will permit you'll to converse with him


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