You shouldn't try to win over a girl?

Some guy on here made an excellent point, if you have to "win over" a girl, it means she was never really into you in the first place. A guy should date a girl who is interested from the very start.

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  • I think this is somewhat of a loaded question since you don't try to win over a girl so much, you should try to build up a relationship when you two spend time together.

    But you don't date girls who are in love with you first. If the world only dated people who are crushing each other, probably we'd be extinct as a human species.

    There's plenty of room for you two to fall for each other *after* you start dating, and there's no reason to wait until a girl is practically telling everyone she's in love with you before you ask her out. You can ask her out the moment she seems to be enjoying your company.

    • It's not rocket science to court people. People make it more complex than it should be, and the people who do usually don't date much. You enjoy spending time with this girl, she seems to enjoy your company, ask her to do some more of that. Maybe you two will have fun together, something more intimacy than friendship might arise from your time spent more alone with each other, or it might not and you go your separate ways, still friends, but dating other people.

    • Keep it simple and direct and you can't go wrong. Usually a girl needs to kind of consider you as more than a friend, if you're like a nice guy type, she might permanently put you in the "forever friend" compartment -- that's somewhat true, but then it's time to work on your character that affects women's perception of you, not wait and avoid asking women out until you get signs that they're totally into you.

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