I really like this girl I got into a fight with and i'm not really sure what I should do?

so i really like this girl, we both liked each other, but i just got out of a really bad relationship so i sorta friendzoned her, then she friendzoned me because i didn't make a move on her. then we talked, i told her i wanted to give it a shot, and she told me no, she liked this other guy, but liked being single. she told me she just had a little crush on me, that her window had passed. her friends told me she still liked me, she just really liked being single. she'd still look at me like she liked me. then she went out with a different guy who she didn't even like and they madeout. we got into a big fight, i called her a whore (in a joking way) and she got really mad and unfriended me, blocked me, told me never to contact her again, ext. i felt bad so i wrote her a letter, and she called me right away saying how i was blameing her and she told me never to contact her again and how she never liked me. a few days later, i just sent her a nice text, and she told me she never wanted to talk to me again. i've left her alone these passed few weeks, and she does seem to be getting over it. i seen her at work the other day and she actually said hi (it was forced, but it's a start). this has all made me realize how much i miss her, and really do want her.
I'm not sure what i should do, i don't ever see her. I used to through our friends but they all hate me now (or hate her) . I thought about waiting a bit longer for it to cool down and maybe writing her another letter, just saying i was wrong and i miss her, and baking her some cookies with it. I thought about just letting it go completely and seeing if she comes around (i dont think she will on her own, she enjoys being single to much). i've thought about just going up to her and kissing her.. (probably not) she wants a guy to sweep her off her feet, i know that she told me. I want to, and i can, i'm just not sure how right now because she's mad at me and i don't want to make it worse or over step my (her) boundaries.


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  • Be generous with your patience towards her while you continue to respect her boundaries. That being said: If, however, you just so happen to run into her from time to time, inadvertently, of course, then, and only then, test the waters.