Is she saying the truth?

this girl i have been talking with for more than year , it was like talking for one night then ignore me for months then back to talk... etc , every time she back to talk she bring up excuses like she is scared , another time said she is shy and not good at talking to guys , at the end she admit she have split personilty? Then back to ignore me and wrote on her whatsapp staus becareful who you let in?
Is she lying to me?

#sry for my bad English


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  • Most likely. Statistically, almost every person lies multiple times in one day. Sounds like she's not into you.

    • Im sry to tell u this but she is , she admit and there is many signs

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  • No. She is telling you the truth. The status was intended to tell you to not let her in your life. She was speaking about herself.

    • Yeah she said something like that before

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    • She said she don't want to change im not in love with her but i just want know more about this kind of people

    • I see. Curiosity killed the cat. The cat had nine lives, we mortal humans only one. Keep in mind.. Hahaha

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  • Yup. She's lying to you.

    She's interested in someone else, bub. Stop being a creep and take the hint.

  • Cunning, deceit, betrayal and guile... these are the qualities of women