Is she interested in me?

So iam a college student this is my 3rd month at school , girls stare a lot at me and i've been told iam very good looking so yes girls find me good looking iam also tall 6'1, now with that being said , there is this girl who is a little less than a year older than me, she added me on facebook, she's in one of my classes but only one and i haven't even seen her before she added and i accepted, i chatted her up asked her about herself and we joked around and had funny and interesting conversations for a week or two, sent me good holiday and stuff, 3-4 pics of her face and clothes and some voice recordings, we quit talking for a couple weeks ( Was busy ) and she messaged me twice this week, i took this as a sign of interest (i have met her a couple times in person ) and invited her to spend some time with at this park, she hasn't replied yet and I don't know if she ever will, but as i said iam not sure if she wants something or not...


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  • Yes, it sounds like she is a bit interested in you.

    • for some reason she never answered... well doesn't matter iam not gonna message her anyway

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    • Good point...

    • yeah thats kinda how i roll, it works sometimes if not then iam not losing any dignity points