Is this a clear possible sign that this guy still likes me?

I worked as a waitress for 2 years and I didn't show up for work because I quit abruptly. When I went to go ask for my job back, i was moved to receptionist. Anyways, when I was a waitress this guy (let's call him Rudy), he would offer me rides home all the time, he would ask me and no one else, he would even stay when he was supposed to go home and when I was done working he walked down with me, he even remembered that I like playing video games, he laughs at my jokes whether they're funny or not. But we rarely talked. He's very quiet and shy. My brother in law works with Rudy and ever since I came back to work, my brother in law told me that Rudy asked him if it was true that I was back, he said that Rudy heard I was working the front desk and was trying to look for me. My brother in law says that he still likes me.
I never gave too much thought that Rudy likes me and I find it hard to believe.
I want to see if my brother in law is right. And my brother in law says Rudy doesn't talk about me either, but again Rudy doesn't talk to anyone.


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  • He likes u but he is shy

    • So he still likes me?

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