I've never asked out a guy before in my life...
Here's the lowdown
1) We're really close
2) People already think we're dating
3) He's always around me
4) I like him and he likes me
5) a lot of people want us together and I want us together
6) He's too scared to ask me out himself...
I know that nothing will happen if I don't ask him... How should I ask him and what should I say?



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  • Kiss him. Make his day. : )

    • I would probably get rejected... I think anyway...

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    • I am sure you will be fine. I will be waiting for the update.

    • Haha hopefully I will have a boyfriend by then xx

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  • Ask him if he'd like to go to the movies with you or go grab a bite to eat! I don't know if you mean ask out as in a date or to be his girlfriend, lol.

    • Updated my description XD

    • If you're nervous, as well as he is, I think you should approach him and have a mutual discussion about your feelings. I only say this because it's good you two talk about it together and then from there you can suggest maybe becoming a couple finally and see what he says from there :) And like the guy below said, kiss him (if things go well of course). If he likes you, he won't reject you!

      I had feelings for my best guy friend and we both knew but never made it clear or obvious; never even talked about it. One day he dropped me off after a day out and I leaned over and kissed him. We got together a week later. We're not longer together due to reasons but what I'm trying to say is, don't be afraid to be bold.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Ahh... to be under 18 again. Hated every minute of it. It'll probably be best that you take the wheel because he'll be way too scared. You can just be blunt and ask him in a text message, "So. Where you taking me to v-day?"

    Put him in a corner lol. It'll be fine.

  • ask him to take you out for a real date then kiss him when he says sure. that would surprise the shit out of me

  • it'd only be a formality. it's not really needed, but nice to have. like sweets, you don't need them, you just want them


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