What do you think about race fetishes?

What do you think about people with race fetishes? As in they ideolize or praise a certain race of men/women over everyone else? Do you think those people are rude or disgusting? Or do you think they're just fine? Remember, we're talking about race FETISHES here, not just preferences. It's one thing to prefer dating a race over another, it's another to always worship how amazing or beautiful that race is and say other races are inferior, etc.


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  • Usually stems from some kind of racism I believe.


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  • I don't think its necessarily bad. If being a certain race is part of what makes you sexually attractive to them but they also admire your personality traits then I think its fine.

    Its only bad if being a certain race is literally the only thing on their checklist. People often twist others preferences around to demonize them. For example if a girl says I only date white guys, someone might attack her and say "being white is the only thing value in a man, how shallow!" But thats not what she actually said. Having white skin as requirement does not mean thats the only requirement for her to date or that she would date any guy who happens to be white.

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