Should I call my ex back?

Split with my ex boyf 3 months ago.
we haven't spoken since and it was a pretty bad break up with no closure.
He blocked me off his phone so I've been unable to message him via whatsapp.
i honestly never thought Id hear from him again due to this.
He also blocked me on his phone so I never called him.
a little over a week ago I recieve a message from him asking if Id called plus several missed calls.
He knew there was no way I'd be able to call as I was blocked so this was maybe a reason to get me to talk?
He then blocked me again a little over a hour later.
I didn't respond to his calls or messages as I was at work.
Yesterday I tried to call him back and it went to voicemail I didn't leave a message but now know he's unblocked me off his phone.
I've missed him very very much and am curious if anyone thinks if this was a possibile way of him reaching out?
i haven't moved on at all.

Why would he have bothered in the first place? X


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