My Boyfriends a Liar?

So I'm starting to notice that my boyfriend is a liar.
I'm not talking one specific thing, this is in a general sense.

he lied to me about when a mutual friend began texting him. She had cut communication off with everyone but him once she graduated, and he told me she was sending him messages in the middle of the night.
Hed told his sister it had started earlier than what he told me.

This past weekend he was wearing glasses, because apparently he now needs those. He told me he picked them out of the store for their colour and that they were ill fitting because they had no other sizes for that frame.
I just spoke to his sister, who I'm friends with, and she just informed me that the glasses are hers.

She he told me that he does lie about things, and not just the little things.
She warned me to be careful, and how she loves him, but he's an arsehole.

What do you think of all this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Sit his ass down. Look him into his eyes. Right into the windows of his soul. And tell him, "If you keep lying to me, you're going to end up single, and this is your last chance. I think you're a really sweet guy. You don't need to impress me by lying. "


Most Helpful Girl

  • Move on! U don't seem to like him much!


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  • you need to approach him in a polite way and ask him why did he lie about all this? do you trust him? maybe its just his personality? can you accept him for who he is?


What Girls Said 1

  • omg leave him! this sounds just like my ex! he ended up cheating on me! his mom said the same to me, that she loved her son dearly but that I was too good for him. he lied on many many occasions, both big and small. i wish i had ended it sooner!