Going on a date? Or try to get my ex back?

I broke up with my ex of 4 and 1/2 years 3 weeks ago over a huge argument, we've had trouble in the past but i honestly thought we were doing better together as a couple. He hasn't been in touch with me since, but he's been asking about me to mutual friends. I was completely in love with him but i was extremely passionate and fiery. He was distant after every argument and very secretive regarding other women, i found out he went on dating websites and he chased after female friends emotionally. He loved attention, and was immature. I was also the first girl he'd kissed and been with, i'd dated other guys but he's my first long term relationship and love.

Now we've spent a month apart i've had time to grow as a person, i'm happier and less stressed. I've learnt a new language, got in the best shape i've ever been in, learnt how to swim. But i miss what we could have had together, i miss the stupid little things. The sweet gestures he made etc. I honestly believed that he was the guy that i was going to spend my life with.

However there's a new guy who i've been talking to and we seem to get along quite well. He's funny and sweet. Nothing serious, but he asked me out for a drink and i'm unsure of what to do.

Should i give this new guy a chance? Or should i try and contact my ex?

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  • Wow. You learned all of that in a month? You're pretty smart.


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  • Give the new guy a chance, but only if you're completely over your ex.

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