How to break a girls barrier?

Just letting the girl feel comfortable to share her interests and open up. I feel when I'm meeting new girls its more of a 60/50 on my part.

Its rare I find girls not being coy and illusive. Which makes it hard for me to see them as people, but I know they are.


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  • It takes a lot on both sides. Being a shy girl myself, I can promise you that being with me has been hard on my boyfriend. we have been together almost a year and a half now and sometimes its still hard for me to express my feelings and be completely open to him. It took me a good bit of time to work up the guts to flirt with him and from there it just built, its the little things: listening, paying attention, kind actions, opening yourself to her as well, sometimes just him being there... Over time drew me to him and showed me I could trust him and try to open up to him


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  • First I think it helps to step into her "bubble", like physically place yourself almost uncomfortably close to her, not opening up across a dinner table, e. g.

    That close proximity somehow helps everything related to opening up, makes it somehow more comfortable and easy for both. Then you can just kind of open up about yourself, expose your fears, vulnerabilities, life dreams, things you wouldn't just casually talk about to any person. Hopefully she follows. This is the one time where you're kind of allowed to talk a lot about yourself and not come off as obnoxious. It's a sharing time.

    • Im good at doing the latter, but my problem lies in getting their. I find myself very lucky to find a girl I can do that with.

    • Sometimes girls just don't open up and you usually have to be the first one to make a move. But it helps if you really kind of, just for this moment, show a sensitive side and place a lot of trust in her by revealing something about yourself that might be kind of awkward, e. g. Mostly it just shows you're trusting her freely and without hesitance this kind of information, which will hopefully (but not guaranteed) encourage her to place the same level of trust in you.

    • Mostly the mental image I have in mind in these moments is like, "Don't fear me, I'm not made of steel" just for this one time. It often helps to act like you're made of steel at other times, but just for this kind of opening up phase, it helps to show a softer side and really kind of use a gentle voice and approach.

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  • love this. i hope it gets featured.

    you have to earn her trust, and to do that, you'd have to open up a little yourself. let her into the side of you that u don't really show to others. when u let ur guard down, it's almost a reaction for us too.

    • Its very easy to get left dry doing that. I wish more girls would try to break guys barriers and realize how easy it is lol

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    • thanks, i appreciate it. right back at u.

    • thanks:)

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  • I totally agree 100% easier said then done sometimes but it's sound advice.