Girls, What are some of your online dating turn offs?

I've done online dating off and on for the last two years, and met my ex girlfriend online. While I do a little better each time, I'm always looking for ways to improve. What are some major turn offs women have? What are some things that women see in a message and profile that makes them not want to reply?


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  • Just saying "hey" or no real conversation starter I will ignore. Make it known you looked at and read my profile, I took the time to write it. Also, ignoring things I have said and you message me anyway. Example, if I said I don't date someone with kids and you have kids then don't message me. lol Sooo many men have done that, it was annoying. Don't ask me personal questions right off the bat.. or say anything sexual. That screams you just want a hook up and I'm not interested. If I stop talking to you don't keep sending me "hello? are u there?" messages for a week until I just block you. If she's interested she'll reply. If not she found someone she clicked with and wanted to pursue.