Girls, What does it mean when a girl gives you her number?

Alright, so I just wanted some opinions from some ladies out there. So, I'm not new to dating or anything and I've ask several girls out and been on quite a number of dates. However, this is the first time that -I- have not asked for a girls number. Now, to explain a bit more I don't mean we were in class at University and she gave it to me because she wanted a study partner or because we've talked a lot. First time meeting this girl, I ended up getting into a conversation with her as I was doing work in the library and saw what she was reading.

After awhile I stepped away to use the restroom, when I returned she had written down her number on one of my notebook pages.(Or at least I assume that's when she did it.) I however, did not notice until after we finished talking and I had to head to my late night class.

Now I'm just curious, what exactly this means from a female perspective; was this just something she did so we could continue this as friends or was she hoping for something more. Let me know what you girls out there think.


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  • It means she wants to give you a chance.