He asked me out but no response why?

Dating site, we have been talking for a week,
He said "we should hang out next week"
It's the week but he doesn't ask me,
So I said "Let me know if you want to pick a day and actually want to hang out"

Next day he asked "How's Sunday?"

Took him a day to respond to that, is this mean he is not that excited to see me?
I shouldn't meet him? what do you think?

Than I said, "Sure" but haven't heard from him yet...


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What Guys Said 2

  • Online dating is a pain, people message a lot of people and date a lot of people, I been on dates and there phone is going off every 5 minutes with a meStage from someone else. A lot of people online are looking for attention, or looking for something else. Even talking then not talking for a week to pick up the coversation again. I wouldn't worry to much, I would ignore him.

  • Just wait and see, it hasn't been that long. maybe he is busy.


What Girls Said 1

  • No, he could just be busy. Remember it's a dating site, not a text; he may not check it as frequently.

    • but when I responded he was "online" ... :(

    • Hmm. Well if it's an app, maybe he could have left it open? Honestly, go with your gut though. If you don't feel like he's invested the way you'd like him to be, then keep fishing around. It's a dating site, you should leave your options open. That could be his case, and why he's taking so long to respond. Nothing is set it stone on there, so don't take it personal until it has to be.