Would it be weird to start talking with the guy who likes my friend?

So, this guy is into my friend, he likes her a lot , she doesn't like him at all and she is rude towards him. I kinda like him, I would like to get to know him more , but after she will reject him it would be super weird to hang out with him, because we usually hang out together, so... It would also be awkward to start talking to him after my friend rejects him. What do you think I should do? Move on or start doing the steps? x


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  • Ooh, this is like complicated tactics and strategy stuff, and you're already thinking several moves ahead!

    I'd say get in the middle. Since this guy is not dating your friend and she doesn't like him anyway, he's in the "crushing" kind of state, meaning he's fallen for a fantasy of your friend more than the real deal.

    You can kind of snap them out of that intoxicated state if you become the aggressor, move in, kiss them, whatever, get them out of that stupid and hopeless crush and focus on what's real in front of them.

    • How about this for a really bold (risky) but checkmate-potential maneuver? Ask him to follow you to a private place, get him to close his eyes, and kiss him. That should have a good probability of snapping him out of his crush thing.

    • 😂 Interesting, but I don't see myself doing this.

    • Yeah, that's a rather extreme example (though I think it could be totally awesome, but it would require the analogical balls of steel -- maybe vag of steel, I don't know to feminize this figure of speech).

      But, perhaps just illustratively, that's the idea if you want to snap a guy out of a hopeless crush. You might need to be a bit more aggressive than usual, since a gentle attempt tends to trigger the, "I'm sorry, I really like this girl already" reflex.

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  • If ur friend doesn't treat him respect I would say to go after him but u should give him time to heal maybe just be friends for awhile then start hanging out with him by ur self remind him that there are other fish in the Sea don't tell him right away you like him wait about a month after hanging out and tell him say I might like u more than a friend


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  • Circumstantial.

    However, the question to be asked is, how would it affect your friendship with her?

    I would assume that it wouldn't affect her much.

    However, if he shown no interest in you, realize that he would be with you, thinking of her. Realize that everything you do, he may be daydreaming about her, and physically with you. If you like that sort of thing, go for it.

    I personally don't like the idea of being "runner up", and subsequent of that, ai decided to refrain from dating, because, I refuse to settle for a woman that is less than ideal, and I refuse to be that guy that a woman is with, because she couldn't be with whom she actually want to be with.

    Truthfully, most people settle for what's available, eventually. In some cases, this can lead to cheating.

  • I don't have any strong opinion about this. If you like him, talk to him. At least you know you won't have to fight your friend for him. But if you think it might be awkward I'm sure you have other ootions.

  • It's a good move. Why not tell him the truth because that's what all guys want to hear.


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