Do I seem to feel ready to date again?

I broke up with my abusive ex approximately 17 months ago and have had ups and downs with my worsened depression, anxiety, possible PTSD. Recently I started feeling like I'm getting my mojo back and want to test the waters. A guy friend who struck me as flirty and non-committal and who once casually propositioned me (but otherwise I didn't really see it happening) started dating someone and besides feeling taken aback by lack of communication, I feel like that's what I want--to find someone. I've been reading about soul mates and am starting to practice healing exercises. Yeah, some hokey self-help stuff. I feel like there's a space to be filled by a special person sometime in the near future.

I've come a long way since my sociopathic ex and have long been over loving him, but feelings of anger, hurt and resentment creep up on me every single day still. I've tried so many ways to drown him out of my thoughts but I continually feel a state of vengeance until he finally succumbs to karma. It gets better every day and then occasionally still blows up on bad days. Otherwise I'm trying to move forward with my life and focus on ME and accomplish my goals.

Ideally one should be without baggage and feel whole before starting a new relationship, but can it also be beneficial to date and potentially meet someone to help you heal? Respectful answers mandatory.


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  • what you went threw now one should have. the pain and sorrow you feel will never totally go away but look at this as a chance to start the best part of your life.
    you have a lot going for you, your strong other wisw you would have never left. your smart because you set goals to make your life better. you have a big heart do to your willing to try to let someone in even after what has happened to you.
    i feel that when the time is right you will find the thing that fills the void you feel. there will be some bumps along the way but the one you seek is also looking for you to.


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