Guys, What do I do?

Guys if u where datng this girl but wasn't serious because you won't ready for a realtionship but you tell her you got plans for her in the future would you mess around with other girls an still want her to be around even tho she's fed up of u messing around amd one day she gives up an tell u she can't take it anymore what would u do let her go or try to reason with her to stay?


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  • If your boyfriend is cheating on you it's pretty simple to say that it isn't going to work out and you're wasting your time. Once is too many times.

    • I can't say cheating because we're not serious... he always wants me to be around no matter what but apart of me can't take it anymore an d other doesn't wanna give up what should I do?

    • You need to give an ultimatum, that's ridiculous that he needs you to wait while he's just fucking around with other women, come on...