Is this the right guy for my friend?

First, my best friend is a very attractive babyface, fun and really nice and kind person (yea true, almost all the guys are chokingly chasing her). However there was a guy about a few years ago who used to stare honest smile at her but would look away as soon as she catches him and sometimes would have that kind of "sad" look at her and also would probably not look away if she catches him because he would feel so lost away as he sees her. So till that time I thought he was a really good guy for her. But last week, they met by coincidence, spent the day together, which sorta creeps both of us out. He flirts, not so openly, but he does. He doesn't stop talking and seems to me was way too hyper that I thought he was drunk (he wasn't ). He walked a lot even though he had a broken leg. He was also watching her every move, and trying to show it to her and, weirdly, insists to help her with TRIVIAL details. He lies a lot about his "adventures" and talks a bit, just a bit, arrogantly about himself. And most botheringly, he talks as if they know each other for decades or something. Like he barely even knows her, yet teases her and hits on her like she's an old friend or even his girlfriend even tho she seemed to be quiet and a bit bored or uninterested. And a few days then he told a mutual friend to bring her to his home (not sure, but probably for a family gathering ) and that he'll be waiting for them. Thankfully she didn't because our friend forgot to tell her. But that's giving me the creep feel that he's taking things way too fast (she agrees) and like he's taking her for granted. I know it depends on how she treats him and what she shows him but to me she probably reacted to him in a same way she would to any of her nice guy friends.
But, either ways, should she, Or even I, be comfortable about him or does he really sound just as creepy as he is to me? 😂


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  • He is impressed by her and really, really wanted to impress her, which he mistakenly thought he could do by building himself up and being overly attentive and friendly, etc.


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  • i think he really likes her. men who really like a girl act like this, i did.


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