Signs of a girl on the rebound relationship. Am I playing with fire?

I've been dating this girl since December 26th but she had just ended a 3 year relationship December 14th.
-we first started talking beginning of November but she said "she couldn't continue because her heart was with her ex"

- a week later she came back and we talked again. But she left me again 2 weeks later for her ex.
- she came back a month later and we've been together since.

She is very emotional at times. She can be extremely happy and hot one minute then distant and cold the next.

-We've hung out almost everyday she basically stays with me from time to time.

The only problem I've seen from her she stalks her ex Twitter account daily. The past 2 weeks she has innitited contact with him twice through text and twice the call.

a lot of people have told me to be careful because as we just started dating and she already speaking about kids, me being her soul mate, and her posting pictures of us up non stop. Because they feel she's trying to catch us up to where she left off with her ex.

she always tells me I'm a blessing, the best she has ever had, and wants a long future with me.


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  • "The only problem I've seen from her she stalks her ex Twitter account daily?"

    You cannot be serious, are you? She left you for her ex, not once, but twice. She has initiated contact with him, not once, but twice in the past two weeks. She's moody or emotionally unstable.

    Considering all the above I, too, caution you to proceed carefully, if at all with this girl. She's clearly not over her ex, and may not be for some time now. Thus, trusting her is a stratospheric risk.

    • So you're saying if we spend almost everyday together, she's always posting about me in social media, that should could be faking it

    • No. She could very well have feelings for you, however, her feelings for her ex, in my opinion, seem significantly stronger.

      She simply hasn't enough time to heal, to grieve, and to transition to a life without him; again, in my opinion.

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