If a girl you are trying to talking to is stressed out?

There is a girl i am really interested in and atm she is stressed out about something should i ask her about it? Or should i just leave her be and text her another time. I feel like she won't tell me much because she hardly knows me, i am just trying to get to know her. :/


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  • As her about it if you are really as good of friends as you think she will be really happy for the gesture and have an opportunity to get a lot of stuff off her chest.

    • I told her if you wanna talk about it im here and that I would text her another time and she said thank you !

  • You can say that she can talk to you about what is stressing her if she would like and to have a good day. Do not seem like you are probing for information but leave the option open.

    • Yea i said she can talk to me about if she wants and i told her i would text her later. Before she would keep the conversatoon going and double text but now she is dry. I thought she lost interest but apparently she is just stressed.

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