How do I ask him to hang outside of class?

I'm 17 and have a crush on this guy. We're decent friends but only in school...we don't ever hang out or share any friends. In fact, he seems to be in the more popular crowd. but I'm pretty sure he flirts with me. But maybe he's like that with all girls. How do I know? And don't say ask him because I doubt I can. And once I do know how do I ask him to hang outside of class?


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  • As far as not being sure about him flirting in the same way with other girls, I have two ideas. If it's hard to tell he's flirting that makes it tough. But I think what you're saying is, that it's hard to know without also knowing how he acts with them. So next time he says something or does something that seems like flirting, say, "Yeah, you probably tell that to all the rest of the girls too". If he says no, then ask something like "what makes me different from them?" and see how he answers. Or "how do you flirt with the girls you really like? How does that work?". It may make the conversation go in a new direction, or he may be more clear about whether he's flirting. If he wants you to feel a step above, then he'll probably do the asking regarding hanging out. If he doesn't, rather than ask him yourself, give him hints about upcoming events. Ask if he's taking one of the girls in his circle to that event and then leave it for him to say if he is/isn't or to ask what your plans are. It can't hurt if you're the closest one around when he realizes there's an event worth going to. You didn't ask him directly, you just planted the idea.

    • Good advice! Also, if he responds in a way where he seems to think he's an older, more experienced mentor-type, then he only flirts with you for sport; he doesn't want anything more. If he immediately tells you all about his flirting techniques, how he gets girls, and who he's going after now, then forget him!

    • People who are studying or interested in psychology or sociology may be more than willing to talk about techniques, but it wouldn't necessarily mean they are in it for sport. They're just tuned in to how people interact and are open to discussing it.

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  • Do you have a class together? If so, you could ask him if he wants to join your study group. This will get him away from his friends and allow the two of you to get to one another better. =)

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!