Girls, how to deal with embarrassment?

So last night i went on a date with this girl ( it was our forth date) and it was amazing well until the end.. anyways so the date went like this:
-I picked her up and i bought food for her
-went by the beach and walked under the stars and kissed (which was nice i thought)
-We decided to get busy in my car
-after that i brought my laptop and surprised her with a movie and her favorite candy
-Cops showed up.
She and i were embarrassed and freaked but what hurts me the most was that i wasn't responsible enough to prevent that from happening. I was just too busy enjoying the moment that we were sharing.
Now its been a day since but i feel like she won't want to hangout with me anymore which does kinda suck cause i embarrased her (just my gut feeling).
And im stuck beating myself up for putting her through that..
Any advise?
Thank you


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  • Call her up or text her and apologies.
    Being a girl, i would be pretty embarrassed so if you apologies and take action of your mistakes and show her you understand what you did wrong and that the only reason it got out of hand was because you enjoyed spending time with her. I would definitely understand.
    So don't stress! Take a deep breath and text/call her.

    • thank you for your comforting reply, as i drove her back home that night i told her i was extremely sorry for ruining a great date as thats what she told me ( that the date was great up until the end). Would it still be ok to text her? Or just give it a few days as i feel like in my opinion maybe some space and time would be ok. Your thoughts?