Guys, Too Soon to Buy Him A Gift?

Started talking to this guy 2 months ago. We are exclusive , yet have not started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend but I'm pretty sure that it's right around the corner. We talk every night for hours and have had conversations about commitment, family, kids, when one of us will move closer to the other, etc. In short, I feel our connection is strong and that we are both ready to be fully committed to each other.

We are about 2 hours away from each other and when I've gone to see him, he's paid good money taking me out, paying for drinks, etc (like a $100 or more per date). I have paid for a date once but it was a $30 pizza date at his house as a celebration for him passing a major certification test in his field and he bought the wine. He's driving this weekend to see me and take me out to dinner for Valentine's Day.

So, today I was thinking about how much he LOVES soccer and how I've never seen a professional soccer game. I thought how cool would it be to get him tickets to a soccer game between our local team (of which he's a fan) and their rival. Our local team plays in my city.

I found really great seats for this game and they're $100 a piece. The game isn't for another month, so we'd together for 3 months at that point. I feel excited for the game just for myself, but I hesitate to buy tickets because of stigma about women buying men gifts too soon.

Thoughts? Would it be a fun, sweet gesture for a woman to buy you tickets to see a game with you? Would that set up a weird masculine-feminine dynamic?

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  • Go for it and buy the tickets, best of luck:)

    • I bought the tickets and am surprising him with them when he visits me for a long weekend. He knows that there's a surprise and is excited! Thanks!!

    • Perfect... I hope you two have a blast.

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