How should I proceed with these girls?

Well I'm in a situation where there are these two girls that are interested in me. One that I have been cautious around, because she is always talking about this guy she is on and off with for years in her hometown. On top of it she is there a lot recently for mostly the same reasons I would be in my hometown. Yet it is hard for me to just not think that I would be setting myself up for trouble since they have a long history and he is there and sees him almost every week since he still is in the same town. Then she always telling me about other guys she finds that are cute and about her ex/current boyfriend. My friends says it is her just trying to get my attention and make a move. First of all even if I were to I have never had sex so I'm pretty sure I would suck and I'm a little hesitant about sex in the first place (through shear fear and not stacking up to the hype or so called stereotype, yes I'm black). On top of even ifff and that is a big if things move forward would her family even accept me since she is white. That is problem one, the next is there is this other girl whom I think is cute, but I have been attracted to this other girl for a while and don't really want to mess that up. This new girl is beautiful to me and we were joking around and she pretty much let me know she would want me to ask her out, which kind of threw me off. I'm not used to that so I'm wondering if she is being for real even though I did ask her for her number and got it. At the same time I don't want to go between two girls even though I'm not tied to any one I just like to focus on one girl. I'm looking for some advice on this.


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  • See whichever one makes you mostly happy


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