Would you rather break up with someone you've came to hate, or someone you still love?

Just curious :) I personally would probably find it easier if i hated her becuase something happend rather than if I still loved them, its weird!

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So if you were breaking up with someone should you make them hate you to make it easier for them? :/


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  • I think it'd be easier to break up with someone I love than hate.
    Contrary to what many would initially think, hating them does not make it any easier. If anything, it makes it harder. More difficult to stop dwelling on what led to this hate, and what you did to deserve that.

    If you love them but circumstances change enough that you have to call it quits, it'd be easier to move on. Reasons leading to a break-up when still 'in love' would likely be a lot more valid than if you hate them. I know first-hand that being cheated on, fore example, which leads to a lot of hate, is just the start of an endless cycle of wondering what you weren't able to provide enough of, how the other person 'one-upped' you, etc..

    • Some good shit right there, that although the initial break up might be easier the hurt would be harder

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  • Someone I hate, it'll be easier

  • why would anyone want to break up with someone they love unless you were for some reason bad for them. but it would be so much harder to do rather if you hated them.


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