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I went on a date with this girl, everything went well and while sitting in a bar she cuddled up to me. On the walk home she gave me a kiss and then we kissed again when I dropped her off. I sent her a text a couple of days later saying I had a nice time, she said she did too. I later asked if she would like to out to dinner, she said that it sounded lovely. On the day she said she was sorry but could we postpone, I asked if we could do another day but she said she didn't know of her plans, but would let me know. It's now the day before and she hasn't said anything, we've texted but she sometimes takes a while to reply if at all, is she meaning she doesn't want to go out again? Should I send her a message asking if she is free (she hasn't replied to my last message)?

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She hasn't replied to my last message, but she is out with friends at the moment.


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  • she might of changed her mind and doesn't want to tell you but its best if you call her and ask


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  • Vote A = When "I" am truly interested in someone I look forward to seeing them and won't ever cancel.

  • Wait 1 week or so till you contact her again. Meanwhile, try to get involved in other stuff.


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  • She had fun! But someone else caught her attention. Sorry bro u lost out. Shoulda text her sooner after the first date!! If it was going that good. Shoulda text her as soon as you got back home