How should I go about it w/her?

Me and my ex have started talking again and we've gone out together once and spoken to each other. She's shown signs that she likes me the same way I like her (maybe I like her a bit more actually), but I'm not sure what's the best thing to do if she says no/maybe. I could either just leave her alone and that's it, don't look back at the relationship we had together because I've been trying to long and hard to get her back, it's really messed with our minds, but I think she loves me still (according to her facebook statuses anyway). Valentine's day would be near the best time to ask her out obviously, but what should I do if she says no to me, or maybe? Should I just leave it between me and her because she dates guys and realises that it isn't the same as what we both had (so i've heard).


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  • If she says no, avoid talking to her again and move on.

    • yes, what if she said maybe?

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