HELP!! I STILL LOVE HIM... Can he feel the same?

Okay, so this guy and I have been off and on we've broken up and gotten back together about two times. So a few weeks ago we broke up and whatever which would make this our 3rd break up. He said we'd get back together he just doesn't know. My friend (also his friend) told me that he would use girls to get rid of his pain yet he actually felt more for me instead of his usual fuckboyness but I just don't know.

The reason we broke up was because he had sent me a dick pic and my cousin was over. I thought I had locked my phone when I walked away but I hadn't and she was messaging my friends random pictures and she came across the picture that he had sent to me. She began sending the pic to all of my friends and they knew exactly whose it was when they saw it. My friends told the whole school about the dick pic and it pretty much made him so mad and so upset. He texted me later that day saying that we needed to break up for now cause he just doesn't know if he could trust me. I then explained everything to him and he said he could trust me again but we still are broken up. Yet, if he trusted me why would he say we should still be apart?

We've been texting each other just as friends and talk in school and all... but it's just I'm in love with this guy and I'm scarred he's going to move on. I'm thinking of saying sorry and telling him that I'm still in love with him yet I'm just terrified of being turned down again as I am (former cutter) .


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  • Well you can't blame him for being mad. How would you feel if a naked seductive picture of yourself made it's way around the whole school? And on top of that everybody knew it was a picture of you?

    It sucks that that happened and I can understand your pain considering how much you love him. And even though you didn't mean for that picture to get leaked, it is still your fault. You weren't careful enough and it got out. I'm sure things will calm down once people start forgetting about it, but it could be a few weeks if not more. I would wait a little bit and then tell him again you're sorry and that you love him.

  • Im sure there is some love for you still in him, but its pointless to chase after something that just will not happen.

    • My question is, why do you feel as if it won't happen?

    • Because he doesn't trust you. Guys like to have a mental image in their heads of who their girl is, if she messes with that image its very hard for guys to ever love or respect her fully. I had a similar situation with an ex, i stayed with her but she and her friends were far too immature. Its that childishness of who you hang out with that rubs off. Even if it is your cousin. Back to the image thing... if a girl cheats on a guy that image is gone, its over, that will haunt a guy for the rest of their lives. The reason why he is no longer interested is because "you" someone he cared for hurt him. We both know that you had nothing to do with it, but sometimes that just won't change enough to what you want. That's my reasoning.

  • I guess it's possible he feels the same, maybe you should try to take some initiative.


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