Those of you like myself who have never had success with the opposite sex, dated, had physical relations, do you feel like you will just fade away?

Obviously metaphorically, but also sort of in reality. Fading from friends lives as they get married and stop caring about ypu, being taken as a normal human who experiences life and its most basic pleasures. Feeling like a cold person who stops trying, I basically feel like I've stopped trying, I never really knew how to go about it anyways.

Then of course as we get older it seems like the options are less and less fruitful and we lose the chance to meet people or find people who are single. May e our nerves get worse as the years go bye.

Do you ever feel this way? What helps you stay positive, trying, and keep looking for these things


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  • Ditto bro.. just damn dit-to. I'm 33 and am going nowhere. I wish I had some good news for you. But since I've been on this downslope it is only getting worse. I have become more and more disconnected from society, family, and even reality itself. I'm just in a 'whatever' mood. It's to the point I don't want to even leave the house. I am currently on work leave and I am not sure I even want to go back :/

    I think we are still here because we don't want to die either. No one does. But our problems may stem from the fact that we are waiting around too much. Letting time pass by. We are hoping someone will come along and dig us out. But reality tells us that we must make lives for ourselves. At least that's what the happy people are saying.

    So honestly bro, if you're not happy and stuck in a rut and bored on mundane-ville then maybe it's time for a big change in your life? A real fresh start. That's where my road is leading me anyway. I hope you can sort it out rationally though.


  • I feel like I already have faded away- no friends, no contacts, no chances or opportunities. There isn't really anything which helps me stay positive, but I still keep trying and looking anyway, even if I know it's virtually impossible. You can expect to fail, and you'll experience rejection over and over again, but you get used to it after a while. After all, trying=effort=desperation=undesirability in the eyes of women. Stop trying, stop being considerate, and just go in there and do it- that's the only way that you'll have any success with the opposite sex. That cold, empty feeling inside, where there used to be warmth and optimism in abundance, is something which you have to learn to live with. I've started trying not to care, because caring is an undesirable trait in the eyes of women- I've always been "too nice" for their tastes, so I guess I just have to go about it by being nasty instead.

    • Sounds to me like your issues are in general 'women'. I have some issues there too so that's why I can tell you what I am about to tell you. I've gone many streaks of several years without a women in my life. Sometimes I want one but usually I realize I am no good for them anyway. I'm just NOT a good relationship kinda guy. I get bored of other peoples' feelings and nagging emotions and general weakness. I'm too hard and tough for women. Don't get me wrong.. I care. But only just enough to gain their affection. I've destroyed a few female minds over the years. And I think they are either catching on to it, or I am just blatantly putting it out there and wearing my "I don't need a woman" face (attitude).

      You have to try and visualize that life is really just a bunch of made up nonsense. We get out of it what we either want or what we expect. And sometimes if things aren't going our way we can become addicted to feeling low and insecure and general negative thoughts or moods. Is this u