Help, how to explain to my boyfriend he is not going to meet my mother?

My boyfriend and I break up on and off often. He is getting his career together and going to night school to be an electrician. I am proud of him. But he is in 30s and lives with his mom who is lovely but they keep wanting to meet my mother. I already ask my mom and she actually said no. Not yet. I don't know how to let him understand it. He thinks now he is learning my language that he will get to meet my mom. My mother is absolutely a wonderful mother but she is not the warm and fuzzy type and she doesn't like any of my sister in laws. Her old boss has been trying to introduce me to her son but my mom always told her that I was in school and live in a different city.

If my mom met my boyfriend, one he can't provide for me so in my culture it wouldn't work. I just don't know what to do. If I introduce him to my mom, we are more likely to break up. Especially when she finds out he has a felony.

If I keep up our relationship, I get stress from his mother on why I don't introduce him to my mom and why she can't meet her. I already let them know my mother is different. I already let him know why I can't introduce him and he needs to get his life together. Sigh, he said his mom is not stressing him. They (plus his sister) are trying to help because he is not expressive. He loves me and doesn't want to lose me.

What do I do? I love him dearly and I am trying my best to help be successful but I just can't introduce him until he gets his career and life together. What do I do?


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  • I would say sit down and talk to him and just be honest with him I don't have much experence but from what I have experenced being honest is always the best way to go

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