Was I right to cut things off with him?

We've been friends for two years. Always was in love with my best friend and she rejected him twice over like three year. About a month before he said he liked me he was still fantasizing about her and telling my this sexy dream he had of her. We got in a huge argument at the start of the year because he had changed and become a f boy. We made up though and got closer. He said he liked me and wanted to hangout for valentines this Friday cause I'm too busy this weekend. It made me feel sick like I wanted to throw up. Since he told me he liked me I told two separate friends two different times and they both said it was odd because he was always flirting with other girls in class and he was so desperate. When I cut things off I felt bad but secretly so relieved. I just feel bad still though. Do you think I did the right thing?


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  • You did the right thing sweet heart don't let a not use you like that they want to keep you on luck down while they do whatever they want I'm in a similar situation and I can't find the way to cut this guy off... but good for you girl you go get yourself a not who knows how much you're worth