Does he like me or not?

I was talking to this guy who happens to be my ex boyfriends friend. We've been talking here and there because he's in the military and I understand being busy I've been there before. One night he invited me over to watch a movie with him and at first we were distant cause I was starting to like him a bit but I didn't want to jump to any conclusion like sleeping with him. Well he wanted me to move a bit closer and he put his arm over me and I felt very confident that he was into me. Towards the end of the movie he removes his arm and I thought maybe his arm was getting tired. So after we hugged and I left to go home. After that night he hasn't responded at all like maybe once in a blue moon but now he doesn't at all and yet I have him on snapchat and he looks at my pictures. So in conclusion I would like to know if he was trying to get into bed with him, was I being too much by sending him messages wondering how has he been doing, he wasn't ready, or he wasn't interested in me at all.

Just an update: my ex and I are talking but in no way we are getting back together. He's at the bar and the guy I'm interested in is there. I told him hi through my ex and I got nothing. What does this mean truly?

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He's also a shy person so do you guys think because he is shy is that why he hasn't responded


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  • He wanted sex