Am I overreacting?

(Been seeing this guy for a year)

He asked what I was doing Sunday (Valentine's Day) and I said nothing and he said he was going to this event thing and that I should come. He gave his spare ticket to his mate that he organised to go with before he asked me instead of giving the ticket to me..

We have a deeper relationship so I thought he would have given it to me - but then again they organised it before he slconsulted me so I don't know if I'm over reacting by being angry he didn't give it to me.

he called me twice yesterday (8 mins asking me) and then a 22 min call about our day and the event. Should I be worried that he doesn't like me anymore?


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  • Yeah there's no need to be angry at him. He arranged to go with his friend before asking. He must like you quite a bit to call you twice in one day! I read so much on here about girls not getting texts or calls at all usually.

    • Thank you :) we usually speak everyday, some days it may just be on snapchat because he's always busy. I'm understanding but it gets hard sometimes only being able to see him once a week ya know?

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