Was I rejected or worst than rejected?

So today i just asked a girl out to a first date, here's our conversation:

Me: Hey are you busy next Friday?
Her: I don't know. I don't plan that far ahead.
Me: Well you're a really fun person to hang out with and i was wondering if I could take you out to dinner like korean bbq or pho next Friday after your midterm. (says kind of awkwardly)
Her: (laughs) Ask me next week.
Me: Okay. As a date...
Her: (smiles) I don't know if I'm busy then.
Me: So maybe?
Her: Maybe. (smiles and exits building)

What does she mean? Is it a no? or is it indeed a maybe?


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  • Sounds more like a 'no' to me... but you keep trying and see what happens.


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  • maybe she was nervous. i think mannerisms and body language are most important here. i realized you tried to dictate it but i would have to see her and read her body. so i would say if you really think her body language expressed interest then yes she's interested. if not the conversation seemed like she was saying no nicely. just go for it again but if she says can't that night and doesn't recommend another time give it up. she would keep that night open tho if she wanted to.

    if you have questions regarding game message me. honestly i dont know the background here but you seemed really awkward

    • She smiled a lot. That's one thing. She said "maybe" enthusiastically. She didn't shy away. she kept collected. Is that enough? She didn't seem nervous.

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    • should be fine. try again but follow the rules i said above

    • so she may say yes?

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  • Most likely she's brushing you off, a slightly polite "no." Or else she just feels really unsure, or has preconceived notions. Don't go out of your way to ask again and move on with your life. It'll happen if it's meant to.

  • Avoiding making plans is usually a sign that she doesn't want to go out with you.


What Guys Said 3

  • It's a no. Move on to the next girl. Wash, rinse repeat until a girl eventually says 'yes'.

    • should i at least ask if it's a no? confront her?

    • to know forsure

    • Don't do that, it'll make you appear needy. Just let go.

  • Sounds like a girl who's really not all that interested in you

  • Next time be specific on the event and the date needs to be a lot closer. Sooner the better.

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