How do I handle this?

Okay, so i dont know whats wrong with me.

Im not unattractive, im not a bitch, im not needy.. and i know that you can't change a man. I have had bad luck with guys, they stop talking to be out of no where and try to use me as a sexual object (trys to get me to send nudes) call me shallow, whatever. But i went on a dating website to look for a military man because i wanted to see how well it would work. its just personal preferance. Just like some people would prefer to date someone who takes care of their body rather then someone fat.

This one guy in particular, he was very good looking.. i mean he looks damn good. We started talking for 3 days on and off then he stopped talking to me. Couple weeks go by, out of no where messages me on pof and he says "hey cutie" and the conversation starts going i can't remember what was said, but he calles me perfect and says he was wanting to meet me when he got back.. and when he did he stopped talking to me completely. But, i messaged him a week before he got back and wrote him a paragraph talking about how i dont chase or want to play games, just tell me you dont want to talk and so on... which might have pushed him away even more. The last message i sent was "bring one of your friends" because i was going to bring my bestfriend with me to go and meet him.. anyway, again he stopped talking to me. I messaged him on instagram a couple of weeks later saying the same thing.. like dont lead me on just tell me if u dont want to talk instead of ignoring me, that drives me crazy. Something like that... again, out of no where he messaged me on snapchat because i blocked him on pof and instagram since he saw it but didn't respond. He said "so when are you coming to see me lol" before all this, i sent him a couple of racy pics to see if he would respond (which was stupid of me) and now im just like puzzled. I dont know what i did so wrong other then m


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  • He seems like he's playing games. I would just do your best to distance yourself from him. You've made your intentions 100% clear and if he's not down then there is nothing you can really do to change it no matter how badly you want it