Girls, So, I asked this girl out and didn't expect this particular response. Ladies, any insight as to what happened here?

So, I asked this girl out to dinner and we work in the same place, but not together. We'd spoken a couple of times and she seems great. She seems to have a reputation for being a little shy.

I approach her and ask "Hey, would you be interested in grabbing dinner with me some time?"

Her response, "hmmmm, I'm really busy right now." (Which I know is a total blow off to decline and spare my feelings). BUT, right after she says this, she asks, "Why do you want to get dinner together?"

I guess she didn't recognize the request as a date, but maybe that I wanted to discuss work or something (which isn't customary where we work).

Basically, I've never had a girl ask me "why" I wanted to take them out and her asking this imply's that her initial response of being busy isn't even a real answer to my request because she wasn't sure what I was even asking.

After she asked why, I told her that I liked what I know of her and just wanted to get to know her better. I then went on to tell her that I'd just give her my number and when her schedule clears up, she can give me a call.

I've been familiar with the "busy" excuse, but what's up with the asking why? It's a first for me.

My plan at this point is to give it a week or so (If she really is busy, she'll be busy for at least this long) then approach her again in a non-confrontational way. I don't expect her to call, as most ladies will never actually do that. I certainly don't want to make her feel like she's being nagged or that I'm needy/clingy.

Based on this, do you think there is any chance at all that her response wasn't a rejection? lol


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  • She wants to learn your purpose.