She doesn't want a relationship right now. What can/should I do?

I have been hanging out with / dating this girl since new years, and I have a huge crush on her. We text and hang out, and she has even sent me some semi-nudes on snapchat.
We were supposed to hang out this weekend as I suggested we could go to this great place I know of. She texted me that she'd like to go. A day later, she texted me: "But as friends, right?" We then got into talking about us and where we are at, and she told me that she isn't looking for a relationship right now. She also said that it doesn't have anything to do with me and that I'm amazing, but rather that it has to do with her. She added that she still wants to see me and hang out though. We are both juniors in high school, and she is very busy with school and friends. We have a ton of the same interests and have a lot in common.

I obviously want this girl to be my girlfriend and have a more intimate relationship with her, but she isn't looking for that kind of stuff right now. As she still wants to hang out with me, should I just go with it and keep hanging out with her and keep showing her what a great guy I am and that I care for her? And wait for her and potentially have something in the future? Or is this the time to back off? Another question I keep asking myself is: Is she politely blowing me off and rejecting me? I don't think that's the case because she told me that I'm amazing and still wants to see me...

So where do I go from here? by the way I would wait as long as it takes for her. That's how much I like her.


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  • She is politely blowing you off. For sure at least in my view. I also do not recommend waiting as that would just cause you further pain and subsequent resentment towards her.
    Exactly what she said I told a guy the other day that I like talking to him and hanging out with him but I am unsure about relationships and I was hoping he would realise it meant I did not like him in a romantic way.
    The fact that she said as friends says a lot. :(
    Sorry to say, but move on from her as quickly as you can, you deserve someone who will fully appreciate you and I am sure if she cares she would want that for you as well. :) good luck!

  • Well I don't know if she likes you as more than a friend but just isn't ready to date or just sees you a friend who she likes hanging out with but not as a potential boyfriend. Either way at this point you should go into this with the intentions of only ever being just a friend (to avoid getting hurt). If you feel like you are going to get all caught up and start liking her too much I would back off a little bit. Just know that it's very possible you could hang out with her as much as possible and never end up dating this girl.


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