Is this possible?

I feel like im becoming depressed. I live with my mother and sister and both are suffering from depression, they act very helpless and are always gloomy and sad. Im young 23 and the energy in this house is to die for. Im starting to become depressed and feeling no end of the rope or energy. These people are supposed to be my support system, and they are so selfish they only think about being sad. I thought I was mentally strong to handle it, but I m not and I can't find a job.


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  • Then you will must be stronger than you imagine you can be.

    Being mentally strong isn't easy, if your mother and sister is only being negative and not supportive of you then it's time to talk to someone else such as maybe a career counselor or career adviser, maybe someone at school, such as your classmates or something. Find a way to be surrounded by people that will be supportive and helpful to you. Don't give into the negativity, otherwise things will only get worse and not better.

    What did you study in school or college? What skills do you have or have developed that will help you be part of the workforce? You also need connections to really have a better chance at finding a job these days. Because without the right connections it can get frustrating as after you applied for jobs and then you never ever hear back from the jobs you had applied for on whether or not they will be interviewing you or whether if they have decided to reject your application. if you had applied for a place where a good friend such as a classmate is already working at then they might be able to give you a reference or recommendation to increase the odds of you being selected as a potential candidate and it increases your chance of at least making it to an in-person interview if not call-back phone-interview. But if you ever got that far, then you've made a significant progress, compared to applying for jobs, and stuck on waiting for their responses and decisions.


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