Guys, Why would a man turn off a woman when?

1. Share many things in common
2. Get along well
3. They are around the same age
4. They are both single, no married, no kids
5. Neither one have plans for marrying in the future regarldess if it is with each other or with other people in the long run.
6. They are both simple people.

Im here excluding sex because that is not the point of my question. Lets put sex aside because for the moment they have not had sex as they are just in the phase of getting to know one another so sex will come up too soon in this case as they are just getting to know each other and focus more on the personality and character or things in common.


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  • Well if he made it that long with out kids or marriage it's possible he doesn't have a lot of experience in relationships and has got quite comfortable being single so a new relationship may be scary even if your compatible

    • Let say the guy had been in 2 previosu relationships many years ago. One lasted 4 years and the other 2.

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    • Yeah that's possible but we still like female companionship once in awhile also even we don't want it to serious

    • I agree a man always need some female companionship that is whawt Im saying even if they dont want anything serious but why a man won't want to date a girl even if it is not something serious?