He keeps on trying to talk to me?

He keeps on reaching out to me even though I don't want anything to do with him, I even started ignoring him almost 8 months ago but he still tries to message me and try to get me to talk to him. Why won't he give up. I don't want to block him because I feel that will show him that he has an impact so I just ignore and move on. He can even see I've read the messages but he still tries? What is he hoping for. If you get ignored over an 8 month span isn't that a sign to move on or is he just trying to fix his ego?


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  • I did that when I had nothing better to do with my time. The goal is straight forward. He may deny it, but it's obvious - he is Still hoping for something. Don't ask why, it's stupid, I know, but that's how these things go.

    You do what you do best, ignore him, eventually.. perhaps, he will come to his senses.

    • Yea, I was just responding to the comment above in which I figured I should just say please stop contacting me but at the same time I can't lie, I dislike him enough to disturb his peace by continuously ignoring him all these months without a word. But if he reaches out once more I will respond directly.

  • he isn't getting the hint. you are going to have to be very direct with him. and tell him if he cares about you to leave you alone and move on.

    • Yes, I was thinking that I should just say please leave me alone and don't contact me again. Straight forward cause I think this ignoring him kind of gives him fuel.

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    • Poking and messaging.

    • i'm not good at face book but i would think there's a way to block him on there also

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  • Do you guys have any kind of history? I've actually been on the other end and have been the one trying to get my ex to talk to me again. Texted, emailed, you name it. He had broken up with me and my ego couldn't handle it. The more he ignored, the harder I would try. Don't worry about his reaction to you blocking him. He'll take the hint, and that's exactly the message you want to convey. In time he'll give up.

    • We never had a relationship. As soon as I found out he was just either playing me or just wasting my time I said goodbye.

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    • Yea, it doesn't bother me but just made me curious as to what is wrong with him. I had even warned him before we originally stopped talking that if he didn't show me he was serious I would leave and it would be the last time he would see me and so it was.

    • He's got a delicate ego, he doesn't take rejection well.