Why does he try to keep the conversation going?

Long story short, I went on a date with a doctor last Saturday. I really liked him.

Anyway, since then I didn't hear from him for like 3 days or so which made me think he wasn't into me.

I got a text from him yesterday though where he asked me how my trip had been (I was meant to go to another city) and whether I had fun. I replied to him yesterday and didn't get a reply from him until today, where he asked me if I watched the Superbowl. He also let me know that he was busy at work.

He does text me but hasn't asked me out since then. Is a guy into you if he keeps texting you and tries to keep the convo going?


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  • Sometimes you just need to hint... "hey i know you said you were super busy with work but do you think you'll have some free time in the foreseeable future? I'd love to go out again."